iPad 3G Hacked, runs like an iPhone

After a couple of months, there won’t be any difference between an iPad and a normal phone. Here’s a video showing an iPad 3G which has been hacked to perform calls and send texts just like an iPhone or any other phone

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fatstarr2490d ago

its just an over sized iphone but pretty cool, i hope a lot more devices in the future come with 3g/4g modifying devices to do things they aren't intended to = some of my favorite pastimes.

Sahil2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

when i first heard about this.. I pictured some guy walking down the street with an iPad up to his ear and it makes me giggle.

BubbleSniper2490d ago

I want to be that person, simply because I like getting some laughs.

CptFlashHeart2489d ago

Bluetooth earpiece and hacked iPad ftw!

Sahil2489d ago

haha.. the ultimate combination!

kasasensei2489d ago

Awesome. NOW i need an ipad! :p

Sahil2489d ago

now.. evryone does :)