Wordpress 3.1.3 released Today

WordPress 3.1.3 has been released today. This offers more security than ever before for everyone hosting a WordPress website and it is recommended everone updates as soon as possible. Most plugins are already compatible, and any that are not should be updated promptly.

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Sahil2553d ago

I wish i could update this time but would skip it this time :)

Speed-Racer2553d ago

Just do an automatic update via the WP Panel.

searchbuzz2552d ago

Yep, as Racer said, just log into your Admin CP, and go to the "Updates" link, second link down on the main navigation sidebar, and you can automatically download and update the files in seconds. They made it a lot easier to do. Much better than back in the day when you had to download the files, and upload them via FTP, unzip and replace etc.

fatstarr2551d ago

I need to get site hosting to fully use wordpress, its such a powerful tool, one day one day.