Sony offers Identity Theft Program following cyber attack

Sony Is offering Identity Theft Program for account holders of Playstation Network and Qriocity. This program is intended to protect customers from a series of cyber-attack on Sony last month, which cost Sony a total of 171 million dollars.

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fatstarr2579d ago

man up to 1 year? sony should at least make a 3 year deal. cause identity theft happens a lot and it reoccurs to the same people years and years apart. just look up the lifelock guy that had his ssn put out all over and see all the cases of identity theft thats attached to his name.

thesoletech2576d ago

SO true, I agree with you. One year is not enough to bring me back to sony. Great company but i value my identity more over the online experience.

Sahil2575d ago

This is good for all those users who aren't patient enough and who wants answrs quick!