Sony has now got the attention of 2 more, yet less restrained hacker groups.

Sony has gotten the attention of even more worldwide hackers. To mention a couple LulzSec (The hackers behind the X-factor Hack) and Idahca (a Lebanese Hacker Group). Over the last 24 hrs they are getting hit by multiple groups from different regions.

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ASSASSYN 36o2555d ago

So glad I never bought a ps3.

Anarki2555d ago

Buying a PS3 and signing up to the network are 2 completely seperate things. Buy one, play the awesome exclusives and win.

ASSASSYN 36o2554d ago

Given I play xbox-live extensively I would have partaken in playing psn and accessing content. So I am glad I never invested in a ps3. Sony neglected its security and now it is paying for it.

Anarki2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago ) Please shut the fuck up and know what you're talking about. Sony's security was up to date. They did nothing wrong, there is no such thing as hack proof. You can delay it or monitor it closely however, making it completely hack proof is absolutely bullshit. Not to mention, Xbox live has been hacked more than enough, just not as severe as the PSN hack.

SIX2554d ago

So glad you never bought a PS3.

ASSASSYN 36o2554d ago

I agree. I bet you are glad.

midgard2272554d ago

assassyn you troll

you speak of security yet your ignorant of MS's security fails in windows and xbox live? Everyone knows that xbox accounts have been hacked and stolen many times, I can't tell you the vast amount of times I've had customers at gamecrazy telling me they lost their account, One guy got charged over 2000$ because his CC info was stolen.

a month or 2 ago the ceo of xbox had his live account stolen, so how bout you stfu and stop acting like MS or anyone is hack proof.

Bend over for MS why don't you :)

dagreatest412554d ago

sucks for you then. Guess you'll never get to enjoy some of the best games that have come out in the past decade like uncharted, god of war, infamous, killzone, resistance, littlebigplanet, etc.

oh well...I guess have fun playing all those kinect games that are coming out this year cuz that's about all your getting :)

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MagicGamer2555d ago

It's a awesome system, but I can see that the trouble with getting online may not be completely over.

BornCursed2554d ago

I have to agree. As much as I hate it Sony is becoming a target for more and more idiot hackers as a claim to fame.

MagicGamer2555d ago

Let me rephrase that. Sony may have it covered, but their security team will have lots of work for a long time to come.

Speed-Racer2555d ago

I am so tired of hearing about PSN.

MagicGamer2555d ago

I believe we all are. Unfortunately until Sony has updated and secured all their sites there is a legitimate concern for the customers. This in turn requires updates to the public on Sony's progress and setbacks.

FredEffinChopin2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

These guys are seriously dancing on the minefield with this PSN thing. If they think that there aren't measures being taken to lure in and identify potential future-offenders, they haven't thought this through very well. The warrants issued for Anonymous members are so fresh they're still hot, and these guys want to try to fill those shoes while the law is still in motion?

Good luck with that.

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The story is too old to be commented.