Next generation of Windows 'to launch 2012'

Windows 8 will be optimised for 'a variety of different form factors'. Microsoft will launch the successor of its Windows PC operating system next year, the company’s chief has revealed.

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Megaton2555d ago

Think I'm gonna be sticking with 7 for awhile. Give it the ol' XP treatment. Let it linger for years.

fatstarr2555d ago

Im in the same boat as you, Microsoft's track record aint so good when it comes to operating systems

[98 good]
[2000 bad]
[xp epic]
[vista fail -_-]
[windows 7 awesome]
[windows 8 hmmm]

Sahil2554d ago

People generally like XP and 7, and don't like Vista or ME, is it safe to assume we should avoid windows 8 and wait for 9, where they get rid of all the bad new features?

fatstarr2548d ago

i dont know man windows 8 might have that new file system it might be a big flop or it might be a big success.

Sahil2548d ago

hmm.. only time will tell whether it would succed or not!

fatstarr2548d ago

it should be good but its weather or not it will be great or epic. its gonna sell alot because microsoft will push it with a passion on every new laptop but hopefully its been tested enough b4 they do that. then they might have another vista case.

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