iPhone 5 to get curvy with curved-glass display

There’s never a day without those sparkling rumors of the next generation iPhone but this time it’s something totally fresh but not that believable, the next apple device could feature a curved-glass display just like the samsung nexus S.

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toaster2529d ago

I don't think so, this isn't in Apple fashion.

Sahil2529d ago

Ya and wouldn't it be hard to play games?

fatstarr2528d ago

yea i was thinking the same, maybe its for the iphone 4x or some off tangent iphone that they want to test this on. people like the same phone over and over why would they change it now to loose users?

Sahil2528d ago

"people like the same phone over and over"

haha.. agree but it's to get new and more, I've haven't used samsung nexus S but now, am day-dreaming about using one and seeing whether you can play games or not coz i badly want the next iphone.

fatstarr2528d ago

I would take this with a grain of salt man dont get too overly excited.

SojournUK2528d ago

Curved to help implement a better sweet spot for glasses free 3D is my guess...

Sahil2527d ago

maybe but it seems highly unlikely.. it's too early, i think.

Arapidos2524d ago

Curve form factor = less central impact pressure = less chance of glass shatter. makes sense in theory, but i practice, obviously anything can break if you force it.

fatstarr2521d ago

the people that I know break their phones 3 different ways. 1 they sit on it. 2 they drop it or 3 they throw it I think apple should work on shatter impact because ive sat on my galaxy s and ive stepped on it and im amazed to this day that its still in one peace and not shattered. But as I said b4 don’t believe the hype