Massive explosion at Apple iPad 2 production plant

Earlier today, a massive explosion took place at one of Foxconn’s production factories where iPad 2′s were assembled. The blast killed 2 people and injured 16 others.

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Speed-Racer2586d ago

Hmm Foxconn is so bad lucky. They should close it down.


Foxcoon couldn't handle the power of The apple.

Tony-Red-Grave2585d ago

apple got reminded that chuck norris is hungry

iNFAMOUZ12585d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

Foxconn is evil, poor workers probably said f*** suicide lets blow this bitch up, I dont blame them.

Ravenor2584d ago

I know, this is probably not a laughing matter....but I lol'd.

KazumaKiryu2585d ago

That's apple's security system when someone tries to steal one of their bricks

Sahil2577d ago

That is really sad :(