Romanian hacker Tinkode is at it again, this time claiming to have breached an FTP server hosted at the NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

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toaster2400d ago

lol PSN. Sony fails so hard. They fix it and then it gets hacked again.

SkyCrawler2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Actually it was all sensationalism from "journalists"

arjman2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

Once hackers turn their attention to you there's no chance, in fact only a few places on Earth would be able to withstand focused hacking attacks. It could happen to anyone, they chose Sony and consequently Sony got hacked...

zag2400d ago

It's not that hard to block hackers.

What is hard is stopping employee's from opening up services that allow hackers into a network.

So to block hackers you'd need to remove the web browser and all open internet services, maybe run on a closed Intranet, with a completely locked down Intranet gateway, and run extra computers for the open internet for web servers etc.

for email you'd need to only allow the IP of the locked down mail server maybe even poll it so you didn't need to open an incoming server port and simply use a redirected outside email box for incoming email.

RonyDean2401d ago

If you are gonna hack something hack something cool that has aliens!

Speed-Racer2400d ago

maybe there were aliens in there but he forgot to mention it.

FredEffinChopin2400d ago

Where are all the Russian space program fanboys?

Tommykrem2400d ago

I'm tired of this war on hackers. I miss the war on terrorism and the war on low prices.

rmedtx2400d ago

This is getting ridiculous these hackers must be put in jail.

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