Apple dumps Intel from laptop lines

Semiaccurate: "Word has reached SemiAccurate that Apple is going to show Intel the door, at least as far as laptops are concerned. It won’t be really soon, but we are told it is a done deal."

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dkgshiz2571d ago

Apple used to use their own processors for all of their computers until 2007 when they adopted intel processors. The only reason they even made the switch was due to not many programs ever used the PPC format. Which is what Apple used to use with their processors.

Joe29112571d ago

Bring back the Motorola MC6000!!

Speed-Racer2571d ago

Semi Accurate... that alone says alot about the content on that site

KingLizzle2571d ago

Lol the name of the site did make me chuckle. Why anyone would name a news site that is beyond me!

justpassinggas2570d ago

Hey, at least they're honest and don't claim to be "Fair and balanced™".

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