Android Now The Top Mobile OS Used By Smartphones In The US

Android has now become the biggest OS used by Smartphone in the US, according to comScore's report.As per the report, Android finished at 31.2% for the month of January while RIM grabbed the second spot with a market share of 30.4%.

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toaster2048d ago

I'm not surprised. Android is versatile and does what you need. In the eyes of the average consumer, Android is simple enough to get into but thousands of options to tweak for experienced users.

Sahil2048d ago

Hard to disagree when you have it on so many devices, except for apple every brand is using Android.

I find Android a bit complicated after using iOS.

Aussiegamer2047d ago

"except apple every brand is using android", *Facepalm*.

Blackberry uses Rim for all its devices, nokia uses Symbian and now has taken up W7 as a os. Some LG and other manufacturers use W7 as their operating.

Sahil2047d ago

Dude.. popular(and touch) smartphones like samsung, HTC..

michass82047d ago

If you get some top android device your experience should be better and easier :)

Sahil2047d ago

Tried HTC Desire but found a bit complicated :(

Android not for me.

michass82047d ago

yeah, I have Htc desire, but the problem with this phone is the internal memory, overall good device

michass82048d ago

it was only a matter of time, it is simply better :D

fatstarr2047d ago

Finally. now will android sustain it or loose to the next best thing? thats the question. but I know 10 people this year alone that broke an iphone and converted to android because of me.