Tesla whips out $750 J1772-to-Roadster charging adapter

AutoBlog - Purchasing a $750 cable that measures all of four feet might seem ridiculous, but Tesla Roadster owners will probably have to fork over the dough. At least, they will if they want an automaker-supported device that enables charging of their $109,000-plus electric Roadster at all J1772-compliant public stations.

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toaster2577d ago

Holy crap that is one expensive cable. I guess that's the price for wanting to be eco-friendly :3. Hopefully prices of this new kind of technology drop way down so the average consumer can afford electric vehicles and reduce everyone's carbon footprint.

snoop_dizzle2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

I have a feeling if you own a Tesla, 750 dollars really isn't much of a concern. ;)

And relatively speaking, it's cheap if your car is worth over a 100 grand.

Unless you blew your life savings on it, lol.