Michigan police could gather data from cellphones during traffic stops in minutes

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is concerned about Michigan police being able to gather geographical and personal data from cellphones during routing traffic stops.

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Speed-Racer2195d ago

What a shame. Protect and serve? Pshh

IllusionRSN2195d ago

Big brother is watching you! And OMG at $544k hahaha

RonyDean2195d ago

Good thing that I don't ever use or have my phone.

Speed-Racer2195d ago

Lol why do you have one then?

Techsmith2195d ago

No surprise here, welcome to the digital age.

frelyler2195d ago

Unless I pull my battery and sim card and say fuck off. The law says search the phone, nothing about the sim card or battery or even the memory card. In most states this would require a warrant. This will not last or stand.

frelyler2195d ago

Sorry for the double post, but the "you should not care if you have nothing to hide" has nothing to do with it. This is America and our forefathers fought and died to stop this type of nonsense. My respsonse is this is America and I don't want you to scan my phone and that thing called the bill of rights trumps stupid pigs any day.

Downtown boogey2194d ago

Times change... America must change.

Not that this is the way to go necessarily, but you sound like a complete conservative.

DrHouse2194d ago

I hope they go through your phone, see how you like it. Then we will see if you will still be pointing fingers calling people who stand up for our rights a conservative. In fact you are nothing but an ignorant fool.

Speed-Racer2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

@downtown - conservative or not, there is a line between what is meant to be personal and public. Just because my phone has no illegal content doesnt mean you can go through my phone and see what's on it.

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