PS3 passes 50 million units sales mark

Pocket-Lint: Launched four-and-a-half years ago, the Sony PlayStation 3 has now exceeded the 50 million sales mark, shifting its landmark unit at the end of last month. And PlayStation Move has recently surpassed 8 million sales worldwide.

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-MD-2532d ago

I expected it to take a lot longer than it did after the slow launch that it endured.

zootang2531d ago

It hit that mark without a console less than $299, not bad at all.

Aussiegamer2532d ago

Good to see the ps3 doing so well.

Peaceful_Jelly2532d ago

The PS3 is at 50m, the X360 is at 55m (or something) and the Wii's at 84m. This is like the first gen ever where all the consoles in it are doing mighty fine. Who ever thought that 6 consoles could coexist together? (PS2, PsP, PS3, X360, DS, Wii)

doctorstrange2531d ago

Sold to retailer, as in, shipped

thinking2531d ago

no matter how well ps3 sells, its still seen as the inferior console.