EVGA announce GTX 590 ‘Hydro Copper Edition’

Water-cooling a graphics card, especially one with a $700 price-tag is not something for the faint-hearted. But if you want to squeeze every Mhz out of your shiny new GTX 590 Nvidia and EVGA bring you the GTX 590 ‘Hydro-Copper’ Edition, a liquid-cooled variant of their standard GTX 590.

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fatstarr2671d ago

im way to scared to water cool my graphics card. knowing me it would never be usable again.

Enate2670d ago

lol I feel you, I've been messing with PC's for quite some time now. An there are just some things I'd rather not do.

fatstarr2670d ago

yess have you seen the process. ive watched ppl do it and im like wheres the ESD , i witness people do this stuff on carpets and touch my comp 1 time and its game over.