Firefox 4 Final Version Available Now

One day before the previously expected launch date, Mozilla has released version 4 of their popular web browser. Firefox 4 is now finally available for download in the final version.

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fatstarr2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

im about to try it on my new laptop hopefully its good.

fatstarr2679d ago

the first error i got with 4.0 is that i clicked follow on twitter like 40 times and now im following that person 40 times lmfao.

glitch much

michass82679d ago

Wondering is it good, eh probably will stay with Chrome :)

eterry2678d ago

i like it, they have a new way placement for the tabs its faster, and other little changes. im a fan of it

_Q_2678d ago

Been running it for 2 days kind of miss 3.6 everyone is just copying chrome really. IE9 as well.

shadowon2671d ago

I can see the simularity with Chrome, but you can make it look close to anything you want. Also like FF 3.6 if you like.