Apple Approves ‘Gay Cure’ App From Religious Zealots, Outrage Ensues

Apple is taking a lot of heat for approving an app called “Exodus International,” created to “[mobilize] the body of Christ to minister grace and truth to a world impacted by homosexuality.” This religious group of people has a “magical” cure that can rid the soul of homosexuality… this app got approved is a mystery.

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toaster2680d ago

Wow what the hell.. I hope this filth gets removed soon. I signed the petition so lets hope Apple will take notice.

Techsmith2680d ago

I agree, Apple baffles me on this kinds of issues.

GodsHand2679d ago

I did not know God could hate. I would not be surprised if someone goes and guns down these people and said it was God's will, and he was just delivering a message.

As for Apple, well they sure have some issues on apps they approve, then remove later for being inappropriate and what not.