AT&T tells customers using unauthorized tethering methods to pay up or stop

Engadget: Been using an app like MyWi to enable tethering on your jailbroken iPhone? Then there's a good chance you've already received a message like the one above from AT&T, or perhaps an email like the one after the break.

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fatstarr2681d ago

Lol I expect Verizon and other company's to follow through with this -_-.

Darkspade2679d ago

If they want people to Stop , Then STOP Charging so Dam much

toaster2679d ago

They will never, sadly. AT&T is pretty bad..

geth1gh2679d ago

verizon it is then....

Gamer_Z2679d ago

Tethering plan dont make me laugh x)

pistachiofiles2679d ago

Haha, serves them right for capping data rates last month. 250gb isnt alot...