GTX 590 Release Date Pushed Back

Nvidia has pushed back the release date of their GTX 590. The new release date is now March 24th.

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fatstarr2677d ago

I may upgrade straight up from the gtx260 to a 5xx series card or just wait for the 6xx series that will release soon enough. just the otherday the 480 was all the rage.

Naota2677d ago

It really was lol. The GTX 590 will probably be on par with what people were "Expecting" from the gtx 480.

I really hope that NVidia found a better cooling solution that is quiet and effective.

fatstarr2677d ago

I never really had a problem with all of the cooling stuff.
my computer has old specs but my cooling is excellent.
I have the coarsair h50 and multiple fans. and everything is somewhat ocd.

Naota2675d ago

I should've been more specific in my earlier comment to you. I hope that Nvidia found a better cooling solution that what AMD did for their 5990 since their 5990 is so loud.

Enate2677d ago

My GTX 275 just doesn't seem to be cutting the way it used to. My frames on dragon age 2 were not even that good sigh. I think I'll wait for one more step up to the 6 series as well. GTX560 was what I was looking at.

Naota2675d ago

Are you using the high resolution pack of DA2? That seems to kick all videocards down a notch or two. =P

Enate2675d ago

No but I wanted to use it so bad after I heard about it. I'm seriously taking a look at the 560 msi copper edition for an upgrade for now. That or I save up and just go for the beast the 6990. Though I don't think I play on my PC enough to warrent a video card that expensive. At most with the upcoming games I'll be playing Diable III, Guild Wars 2, The Witcher and Skyrim. My current rig should still be able to handle all that. An if a minor boost is needed the 560 should be more then enough. I hope!

Naota2674d ago (Edited 2674d ago )

Well good luck with that decision mate. I find that my 4870x2 does more than enough for all games... though I am giving in and will be upgrading to the 6990 or GTX 590 when it comes out. Just make sure you have a 750w PSU if you are getting the 6990. The 560 is a pretty good card though. I wonder if Nvidia will lower its prices in the nearby future though.

Enate2674d ago

That's funny because I have exactly a 750w psu :).