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Top 5 Android Phones for 2011

Here's a look at the top five Android smartphones for 2011. All are currently available or about to be released and they raise the stakes for the high-end smartphone market with a range of attractive features from dual-core processors to laptop docks to the lightest and slimmest form factor so far.

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Speed-Racer2686d ago

Umm wow.. sure you don't me 2010? xD Cause those phones are pretty old.

fatstarr2685d ago

Yea I agree every phone on that list is practically old except for the galaxy SII

michass82686d ago

Pretty good selection out there... I am preparing for upgrade and still have no idea what to get... I know one - I will have to spend good few €... LOL

michass82685d ago

I think he means Galaxy S II LOL

outwar60102685d ago

lol my inclusion of the word still meant the old one:)

michass82685d ago

LOL wright it cost £515 and only available for preorder at this point. You get the Samsung Galaxy S, not Samsung Galaxy S II :), unless you are a great magician LOL

michass82685d ago

it is not really old in UK where it is still unavailable - only to be preorder at the moment :)

outwar60102685d ago

yh i got one back in december unlocked and grade a from cex for £330

Speed-Racer2685d ago

Which is why you need to come live in the US :P

michass82685d ago

LOL since when it is available in US? Cos in UK you can only preorder it at this point... And this is the one I want to get for my upgrade :)

silvacrest2685d ago

what do you guys really expect? these phones have not been released yet, except the thunderbolt and atrix

the list cant put unannounced phones or ones that haven't been made yet

redrum22684d ago

This article forgets the coming Xperia Arc which is not only the best Android phone but is even better than the Iphone 4.

michass82684d ago (Edited 2684d ago )

I think all devices on this list are better than iPhone 4 anyway lol :)

fatstarr2684d ago

Iphone4 isnt even that good. it just made the next level of benchmarks and standards to beat.

tired of apple leading the way -_-