Firefox VP Sides With Apple: Flash has to Go

Apple has made its war against Adobe Flash a very public affair, but a new heavyweight has arrived to pitch in their support for the cause. Mozilla’s VP of products Jay Sullivan told Fast Company in a recent interview that flash was “plug-in prison”, and felt strongly that emerging standard such as HTML5 should be used whenever possible to help speed up its demise.

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michass82683d ago

Hard times coming for Flash, is Apple winning?

toaster2683d ago

The consumer is winning. Flash is a cancer, the faster it goes away the happier consumers will be. Most problems and complaints with browsers come from Flash. It's a resource hog, even with Chrome's sandboxing technique. I don't even have any Adobe products installed on my computer. There are better much more efficient alternatives for ANY of their software programs.

michass82683d ago

Lol but at the moment lack of flash in Apple product is definitely a downsize...

fatstarr2680d ago

flash will be around for a while.