Galaxy Tab WiFi-only reportedly to be available on April 4 for $399

Just yesterday Apple iPad 2 was released here is an excting news for people who want to have WiFi version of a Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 inch tablet is reportedly to hit the Market in in April. It’s said that the Galaxy Tab should come out of the box on April 4.

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techprezz2327d ago

Do you think buying Galaxy Tab is worth anything while considering other tablets ?? Any better suggestions ??

michass82327d ago

In this price range I would go for PlayBook..., but still galaxy tab is good one too...

techprezz2327d ago

And what abt the Motorola Xoom then ??

michass82327d ago

This will be twice more expensive, but slightly better is specs... hard to judge... I think I will wait another while, before buy the tablet device. At the moment Tablet devices offering pretty much the same thing as my smartphone, in slightly bigger version... I am thinking more about upgrading my smartphone than buying a Tablet Pc at this point...

techprezz2326d ago

Just to know, If you were buying a tablet even in the future, which one u r waiting for ??

michass82326d ago

There isn't a tablet device on the market for me yet :) but comparing existing ones, the Xoom sounds promising, but PlayBook is close enough and it is much cheaper...

michass82326d ago

Price to quality... PlayBook is a winner. Xoom is to expensive, but it is better... :)