Intel, AMD, Samsung, Dell and Lenovo to retire VGA

Hexus:PC and component manufacturers have been gradually eliminating legacy ports over the last few years, but there's still one hanger-on - the venerable VGA port. Despite the introduction of vastly superior alternatives, the 23 year old interface is still a common sight, especially on netbooks and laptops.But now it looks like VGA could finally be put to pasture, as Intel, AMD, Samsung, Dell and Lenovo have all committed to replace it with digital alternatives by 2015.

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fatstarr2780d ago

the old me would be sad, the younger version used to love vga until he saw the limitations. DVI and HDMI = 5-20x the performance of vga... but its always nice to have a vga port since its so old it integrates with alot of stuff and who doesn't have extra cords hangin around.