How to Silence a Noisy PC

The average consumer PC is filled with moving parts that make noise and vibration, once you start to enter the performance side of computing where adequate cooling is a must, you’ll begin to notice PCs start to make a decent amount of disruptive noises and vibrations. For some, the extra noise made from a performance PC is fair trade off for the power they have at their disposal. This is all well and good if you’re just gaming and all noise is cancelled out by a set of loud speakers or headphones, but for those that use their gaming PC for work as well then it can become an issue especially if you doing some sound recording. This guide will list a number of options that you can use to reduce the amount of noise and/or vibration your PC emits to help find that good performance to noise ratio.

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kk13873082d ago

Awesome work - I'll have to look at these things later on as the noise my computer makes is incredibly disruptive.

Very helpful.

tom0473082d ago

which computer do you claim is yours? i fixed it up >:(

TheDarkGuyv3r3082d ago

I have an overclocked i7 and 2 GTX480s, it's was a challenge to keep all that gear quite.

Jeannius3082d ago

Thanks for the informative article, I'll definitely try some of these out when the noise starts to bother me (ie. when the stuff gets older)