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The Samsung Galaxy S9 could start at $800+

Samsung fans better be prepared to shell out some extra bucks as new Galaxy S9 rumors point to an $800+ price tag.

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Speed-Racer40d ago

Well, it's still not too bad compared to the iPhone X's price. However there are some other good alternative brands to look at.

kevnb40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

the iPhone x competes with the note though, eventually samsung is going to have to do better because their adverting wont fool people forever. Leaked benchmarks show that iphone 8 still smokes the galaxy s9, an overkill screen isnt going ot be enough to justify that price when in practice you can barely notice a difference from any phone competing with the s9.

Speed-Racer40d ago

The screen isn't the selling point though.

Haurus39d ago

There is a lot more to a phone than just CPU benches, especially when 95% of people never even use 10% of the power available to most modern smartphones. Overall, even the base S8 smashes the iPhone X.

ZombieKiller40d ago

I have the S8 and the Galaxy S7 as well and I think I'll skip over the S9. The S8 is good enough for me now and I can't keep up with this yearly rat race of paying for a phone

NovusTerminus39d ago

Well the camera sensor for 960fps is not cheap.