Chrome will start blocking disruptive ads from February 15th

Google Chrome will start blocking disruptive ads from February 15th, 2018, in an effort to force publishers and advertisers to adopt better ad standards.

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Speed-Racer359d ago

This is great news! The only reason I use an adblocker was because of malware I got from sketchy smaller sites. Otherwise I was fine browsing the web with it disabled.

KingPin358d ago

february 15? this needs to start december 25 2017 if anything. the sooner the better.

bluefox755358d ago

My adblock already does this, would be nice for phones though, as adblock doesn't really seem to work for me on android.

SirBillyBones358d ago

Works for me. I'm assuming you're rooted?

Cobra951358d ago

I hope they're not doing this as a precursor to getting aggressive against ad blockers. Bad advertising practices may have started the ad-blocking trend, but the cat is out of the bag now. He's not crawling back into it.