The majority of adults in the US would choose the Samsung Galaxy S8 over the iPhone 8 or iPhone X

While the Apple iPhone X seems to be the smartphone of the day, according to a survey conducted in the US, the majority of adults would choose the Samsung Galaxy S8 over it. Market researcher Propeller Insights’ survey concludes that 38% of adults in the US would prefer to get the Samsung Galaxy S8 as a gift.

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pressjudge24d ago

Becaus it is a much better phone with a huge difference in the price tag

Ibi24d ago

It probably is better in some ways, but I can understand the teenagers' interest in the Apple smartphones too.

kevnb23d ago (Edited 23d ago )

iPhone x is more comparable to the note, iPhone 8 is comparable to the s8. What is better depends on what you are looking for in a phone, in most cases iPhone beats the s8 and the s8 is also probably one of the worst premium android phones anyway.

thorstein22d ago

Technologically speaking, the best OS has since gone by the wayside. The second best OS is up for grabs.

Technically, Samsung phones are the best.

OS wise, Apple forces you to update and is inclusive. Then weird glitches like the data usage (despite being on wifi) and game progress disappearing.

Droid has so many versions and some work with this device but not that and with this app but not that.

It appears that consumers think that price point denotes quality. idiots.

kevnb23d ago

Probably pretty misleading considering we all know what sells better despite Samsung spending billions to convince us Apple is garbage.

Haurus22d ago (Edited 22d ago )

You mean they research the tech behind the products they buy, rather than sheepishly follow whatever they see advertised the most, and/or what their friends have?

The S8 has better overall hardware than the iPhone X and has far superior software. iOS limits user control way too much for a power user. The LG V30 is better than either though.