Apple working on a foldable iPhone, which would compete with the Samsung Galaxy X

Now that bezel-less smartphones are here, it’s time to think of something even more amazing. Foldable smartphones seem to be the next in line to blow our minds away. We already know that Samsugn has been working for years now on such a device.

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InTheZoneAC251d ago

Absolutely pointless and unappealing

KingPin251d ago

until apple does it and market it like its the future and when they start selling everyone else copies.....much like built-in batteries and removing headphone jacks.

ChrisW251d ago

Because they can, doesn't mean they should. Being released 2 to 4 years from now? I think this technology is very, very far from being properly implemented.

ajax17251d ago

The concept is pretty amazing; although I'm more interested in foldable tv's. Just the idea of unrolling a 65 inch tv is insane!