Websites are Being Hacked for Crypto-Currency Mining

It seems like cybersecurity problems will continue to get worse as some websites are being hacked for Crypto-Currency Mining.

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MattDavisGR346d ago (Edited 346d ago )

Gold rush for cryptocurrency :))) Hackers I have 1ooo bitcoins on my tetrix :)))

jessicalewis2k17346d ago

I think this crypto thing is a scam...

brianparker346d ago

It's not a scam....if u don't understand it pls do some research...

KingPin346d ago

"hacked" sure thing.....sites are intentionally putting this code to mine currency from their users. if users are going to use adblock, the site gotta make something off off them somehow right.

subtenko345d ago

Keep your ad block on, just be informed

lauraparker2017345d ago

Ad block is a god sent, like Raid for mosquitos :))