Online right fumes after YouTube ad crackdown

YouTube is in hot water with conservative users and creators, with the Google-owned video giant accused of discriminating against the right as YouTube takes ads off content that it says violates the terms of service.

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ajax17144d ago

I hate when people claim that YouTube has a right to do this; since they're a private company and not run by the government. Yeah, technically that's true, but they've also got an almost worldwide monopoly on video sharing. It's not at all fair what they're doing, and I hope it comes back to bite them at the end of all this.

Haurus144d ago

Youtube doesn't have a monopoly on anything. There are many other video streaming sites. Most people are just ignorant of their existence.

Speed-Racer144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I'm not sure any other media service pays its contributors in the way that YouTube does, or at least on the economic scale to make video production a feasible business.

One of YouTube's driving successes is their creator's community. Without them, we would have much less diverse content.