iPhone 8 Releases and China Doesn't Care at All

The iPhone 8 was just released for sale in China. However, it seems like the people don't really care as it didn't have the same success as other products.

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ajax17301d ago

Most Americans don't care either, lol.
It was pretty dumb on Apple's part to release a significantly less powerful iPhone.
Then again, the company as a whole has taken a pretty downward spiral since Jobs' death.

pressjudge300d ago

iPhone was just a bubble waiting to blow and it finally did. They most probably will learn from their mistake and try to make a really better phone that has something to bring to the table of the big guys

Psychotica299d ago

You mean like not bursting into flames?

arkard299d ago

So 1 phone had the issue and now it's that entire companies portfolio that bursts?

Speed-Racer299d ago (Edited 299d ago )

@arkard - Unfortunately that's how reputation works. One incident can label a company for life. Not a Samsung fan myself, but at least the incident hasn't deterred many from buying their later products. Only stupid people ride on one-off past incidents.

demonicale299d ago

The iphone 8 is fine, not everyone can afford £999 for an iphone x.

Psychotica299d ago

Why would they be interested, China makes replicas of it and undersells them.

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