CCleaner has been Distributing Malware for a Month

A big incident regarding web security and viruses has been showing its ugly head. This time by the hands of the well-known Disk Cleaner tool CCleaner. Version 5.33 of the CCleaner app offered for download between August 15 and September 12 was modified to include the Floxif malware, according to a report published by Cisco Talos.

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pressjudge301d ago

The strange thing is that they let that happen for such a long time even this Avast clearly so the malware

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Asuka301d ago

Yeah i havent bothered to update it for months. Malwarebytes keeping things under control.

Cobra951301d ago

I'm glad I haven't updated/used it for months myself. I'm considering uninstalling it, and perhaps installing a known clean version (Clean CCleaner--there's some irony) at a later date.

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