Oh, No. Bad News For Samsung. Another Galaxy Note Recalled

After the Note 7 firegate scandal of 2016, Samsung released numerous official responses and test results in an attempt to change public perception of the brand in the wake of the recall. But, having won back much of the market opinion since, and even more so with the success of the Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung has been dealt another blow with news of exploding and fire risk Galaxy Note 4 devices.

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bluefox755300d ago

"In short, the issue here is not technically on Samsung’s side and more to do with AT&T’s battery replacement devices, which have been fitted with counterfeit batteries creating a fire hazard."
There, saved ya a click.

Dynisty299d ago

Why do people always do this? What is saved you a click? The point of this site is to share content.

KingPin300d ago

dont think this is such a big deal, i wonder how many people are still using the note 4 much less one that has the battery replaced with these faulty ones.

Benchm4rk300d ago

I'm typing this comment right now with my Note 4 😉

KingPin300d ago

got a faulty replaced battery in there too by any chance? :P

Benchm4rk299d ago

Nah mate haha. But I did just have to replace the battery as my original was starting to go from 35% to 0% in 2 mins. Stuck with an original Samsung battery though