Microsoft Paint To Be Killed Off After 32 Years

Microsoft’s next Windows 10 update, called the Autumn (or Fall in the US) Creators Update, will bring a variety of new features. But one long-standing stalwart of the Windows experience has been put on the chopping block: Microsoft Paint.


Not getting killed again!

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VenomUK330d ago

Cue Darth Vader 'Noooooooooooooooooooooooo ooooh!'

Cobra951330d ago

Actually, it's getting moved to the app store. That's even more disturbing, because the store is a walled garden, like a game console or iPhone. It's also tied to the Windows Update service, which is why I've been staying away from the store altogether. (I like to control when I get Windows updates, or even if I ever get them at all. I disable the related services until I want them.)

As more of what Microsoft does moves into the walled garden, users keep losing control over what used to be the open PC platform. It's a long-term strategy, and they are not relenting on it.

ajax17329d ago

I can't believe MS Paint is 32 years old! I had assumed it came out in the early 90s. It's nuts to think it lasted *this* long in the first place.

KingPin328d ago

Well it isnt getting killed of in a traditional sense.
it just wont be part of the main OS on release anymore but you can still get it in the App Store if you really miss it.