This is how Google sends out refurbished Pixels to customers – Sad!

Before you go ahead and purchase a refurbished Google Pixel, watch this video first.

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Speed-Racer447d ago

Ahhh you spoiled the title with that "Sad!" bit. Sounds like a Trump tweet now.

sonicwrecks447d ago

I'm more interested 5 people approved it with the !

KingPin447d ago

is this more of a FedEx issue than a google issue?
i mean surely the courier company should package the items properly instead of one strip of bubble wrap? and clearly mark it as fragile or something.

yomfweeee447d ago

Uh the courier company isn't responsible for packaging.

Speed-Racer447d ago

This is definitely the fault of Google. Not really sure why the used such a big box to begin with. When I bought my Pixel (new), it came in a much smaller package with the product box being wrapped in two layers on thick bubble wrap with no play at all. Not sure how this happened.