FPS video games don't make you better shooters in real life

A paper concluding that FPS video games may make players better shooters in real life was retracted after irregularities were discovered with the data set.

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Speed-Racer96d ago

Well duh. Never heard of anyone making headshots on the range thanks to Duck Hunt.

Zerg96d ago

I only have a mouse so I suk at shooting

KingPin96d ago

why would it?
seriously, you dont feel any recoil whatsoever from the controller.

mechlord96d ago

WOW !!!! you don't say!! and i was hoping all those Mass Effect hours were enough for me to become a top tier astronaut !!!!

windblowsagain96d ago

Well considering the Moon landings were done on a sound stage. You could be an astronaut.

alexroy96d ago

ii am only have mouse sometime like killing up myself

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The story is too old to be commented.