iPhone User Blames “WiFi Assist” Feature For $2,000 Phone Bill

Consumerist: Not even two months ago, we warned iPhone users that the new “WiFi Assist” feature in iOS9 could result in data overages if you weren’t careful. This tale of on San Francisco-area family shows just how bad it can be.

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2pacalypsenow1217d ago

Dont people get notifiactions when they are going over their data ? I know I do

1nsomniac1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

Me & the better half both updated our iPhones before going on a 2 week holiday to Cape Verde. About the end of week 1, purely by chance while looking through a Windows 10 article I happened to come across a link explaining this issue on iOS9.

I wasn't stung too badly by it, but the wife nearly broke into tears when she seen how much data it had downloaded without her knowledge. She had paid £20 for some usage abroad & it vanished instantly & we were going to complain that she didn't get it when we got back home. Wasn't until I seen this that I realised what had happened.

These stupid anti-consumer features that Microsoft & Apple, as well as everybody else are forcing in are disgusting. If we don't fight against it we'll be ruled by it one day.