Windows 10 Update Will Appear As “Recommended” Update In 2016

Windows will soon label its Windows 10 update as “Optional”. It’ll be done in order to promote its new OS to a wider audience. Earlier, Windows 10 update program was only available to some selected Windows 7 and 8 users.

The “Optional” update will be relabelled as “Recommended” update during the start of 2016. This will enable the systems set with “Download and install recommended updates” settings to directly download the update.

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Aldous_Snow1203d ago

More sneaky tactic by MS. I would hit the roof if this downloaded and installed without my knowledge with all the data mining settings turned on.

Most people wouldn't even know these settings existed though I suppose that is what MS is counting on.

I don't know about the U.S., but I can see the EU stepping in to stop it from happening here. Not a fan of the EU as a whole but they seem to love taking it to MS and Google and putting them in their place with strict sanctions. Which is a good thing.

KingPin1202d ago

if the average user who isnt computer savvy goes with the "express settings" all thise data mining options will be selected.

however if you go into custom settings, you can deactivate almost all of it from there. i say almost all coz if i remember correctly, one or two settings only had a "basic" option to select from and not "none".

HedwigOwl1202d ago

yeah but most of the people realize to change settings only after something like this has happened.