Microsoft Edge is the browser for Windows 10

This morning, Joe Belfiore took to the stage at Build 2015 to share more about the next chapter in our story for Windows 10, including revealing more about “Project Spartan,” our new default browser for Windows.

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CongoKyle1151d ago

Will it allow me to download Google Chrome faster? Or will it still lag when I open it up.

LordDhampire1151d ago

the government....and it works as bad as it does on home computers

schmoe1151d ago

So will this be the IE replacement?
Will an MS browser rise like a phoenix or crash like Windows ME?

donwel1151d ago

Windows ME
Microsoft Edge.
Tempting fate I think

HoldenZA1151d ago

Microsoft Edge.....lets hope its more useful than IE :o

Sillicur1151d ago

yay, the death of internet explorer! :)Finally

Sahil1150d ago

Glad I'm not the only one celebrating.

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