Xperia Z4 vs Xperia Z3: what we have and what we can expect

The Sony Xperia Z4 is just around the corner, according to recent rumors saying that it will show up at CES 2015. The Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact on the other hand were first announced and demoed at IFA Berlin 2014 and while not many were impressed by the vaguely repetitive design of the handset, equally many people are intrigued by its great specs, battery life and waterproof certification. The Xperia Z4 should come as an upgraded version of its predecessor and we’ll try to see how they will differ from one another.

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proudly_X1304d ago

Sony needs to wake up.. 4 GB RAM on a smartphone is ridiculous. ...

The iPhone 6 still uses 1 GB RAM, showing no sign for more power..

Maybe Sony should just focus on the PlayStation

Speed-Racer1304d ago

What? Who says the phone will be utilizing 4GB for regular performance. At least there's room for more powerful apps in the near future.

problemchild841304d ago (Edited 1304d ago )

There was an article yesterday on Flipbook about (Samsung?) an 8gb of RAM module being made for mobile devices that uses even less power than the current 4 gigs. Pretty crazy, but I suppose it could be used for things other than just phones, like a successor to the Vita would be cool assuming it's cost effective.

Edit: fixed typo

aranatecharete1304d ago

I don't think they would be having 4GB RAM. 3 GB is more than enough for the current market applications and also that are going to release in the near future. Only if they could bump up the screen to 5.5 inches that would be pretty nifty.

ps360s1303d ago

I have the z3 and it's an excellent phone

I was hoping it would've been a bit bigger on the screen like my LG G3, would've been perfect

Solid phone and quality, love Sony's screen tech on the phone and the walkman features

4GB sounds great since Sony will be utilizing some of it for it's PlayStation features

Spiewie 1303d ago

More of the same from the Z series I think they need to take a break as all the Z2 and 3 are future proof for another 2 years.

RazMaTaz01211300d ago

I got a Z2 and it still an absolute power house, why they released a Z3 and (soon to be) Z4 so soon is a little pointless. Even the camera gap from Z2 to Z3 is literally minimal.