Sony Hacked Again, This Time It’s The PlayStation Network

Reports suggest the PlayStation Network suffered a devastating outage yesterday, Sunday, as gamers were unable to access the network. The online store for games, TV shows and films appears to be running once again after a shocking message reading, “Page Not Found! It’s not you. It’s the Internet’s fault,” was slammed at user’s face Sunday night.

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Devil-X1320d ago

As I said earlier sony is nearing it's end.

proudly_X1320d ago

It's a shame.. I have been a huge fan of Sony.. All electronics, gadgets and smartphones are Sony....

Can it get any worse?

360ICE1317d ago

Than a network going down every now and then?

Well, North Korea.

1Victor1319d ago

I can't say about others but Sunday I spend the hole day on Netflix and playing on my ps4 and didn't had any problems here in NY. DEVASTATING is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too dramatic but some wish for sony to go away . Yo know what they say if it didn't happen to me it wasn't devastating enough

ScubbaSteve1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Stupid article. This doesn't sound like their servers were hacked it sounds like a DDoS. Hacking the server would mean your personal information was at risk, this appears like it was just down for awhile.

KingPin1318d ago

since when is DDoS considered hacking lol
anyone can do it with the right tool and a certain number of internet connections.
not rocket science.

Kal-V31300d ago

DDOS is not HACKING!! Some top notch journalism we have here. Just get your goddamned facts straight.