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Are we about to say goodbye to notebooks with touchscreens?

The author looks at recent reports that we may see the demise of touchscreen enabled notebooks

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reddevilandy101475d ago

Hopefully. It's a stupid combination anyway.

Devil-X1474d ago

yea, I agree as touchscreen notebooks have always been a gimmick to me.

imXify1474d ago

It's not that stupid if the screen has an active pen digitizer on it.

Jrmy841474d ago

Never owned one too much of a gimmick if I want to use a PC I use my gaming rig, I'm usually always on my Nvidia Shield Tablet.

Outthink_The_Room1474d ago

Yeah, they're gonna be gone soon. Tablets are catching up to notebooks faster than notebook manufacturers expected.

Even if you took the basic i3 Surface Pro, it has almost as much functionality as a notebook with automatic touch and the ability to be a tablet.

Moving forward, devices will have to be more nimble. Can't be carrying around multiple things that do almost everything the same.

iliimaster1474d ago

i kinda hope so that way i can grab one for very cheap idk why not have the option?

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