Should you use antivirus software on your Android?

The question of viruses on Android-powered devices goes way back to 2010 when Kaspersky Labs identified the “first virus targeted at the Android operating system”. The particular virus, Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlaye r.a, was a Trojan distributed through a text message asking users to install a 13KB “harmless” media player app. It was anything but harmless.

Fortunately, Android is set up such that applications installed from third-party sources are blocked by default. To actually infect your phone you would have had to consciously disable that feature, and accepted the warning which Android presents when doing so. In other words, you were given the choice whether or not you wanted to assume the risk.

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Devil-X1327d ago

Wouldn't recommend anyone to use antivirus on android, it slows it down significantly since it runs heavily in the background.

boing11325d ago

I concur. Nothing will replace common sense.

Gondee1325d ago (Edited 1325d ago )

I disagree, I get viruses via popups all the time. Some seem to automatically initiate na apk download. If i click them via the notification pull down it installs. I just left the stock virus stuff that Samsung Installed. All viruses claim to steal personal info, which considering i shop on my phone, is serious. For someone like my mother, this would harvest her info for the life of the phone...

Its like Windows, where if you never install virus software, you never know you have a virus lol.

Jrmy841325d ago

I recommend it to those who don't stick to just downloading off the PlayStore. In all honesty though free anti virus apps are useless so, here's a good read about it