LG G3 oversharpening fix arrives with a few kernel tweaks

This is just great: far too often we find ourselves reporting on issues with popular smartphones, only to see time go by without any fixes materializing. And after sharing news with you back in July about how the LG G3 was using a contrast-enhancing software filter to make on-screen text annoyingly “pop,” we went months without any sign of salvation. LG still may not be willing to do anything about the oversharpening, but the independent dev community has finally arrived with a fix, offering the solution we’ve craved.

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Devil-X1327d ago

It gets really annoying to see companies doing nothing after selling their damn products. Though the issue have been fixed now by the independent XDA developer community, I am sure there are still people out their who don't yet know nothing about flashing and those who try to tinker with stuff may risk bricking their device. I just hope someone does something about it.