Sony to refund some customers after misleading PS Vita ads

According to the Federal Trade Commission, Sony deceived consumers by falsely advertising the PlayStation Vita's "game-changing" features when the console launched in the US. And, perhaps in an effort to stay out of court, the electronics company has agreed and, more importantly, settled with the FTC. As a result, Sony will be providing a partial refund of $25 cash or credit, or a $50 voucher for select, as-of-yet-unnamed games and/or services, to people who bought its handheld console prior to June 1st, 2012. The FTC cites Sony's Cross-Platform Gaming, Cross-Save, Remote Play and 3G connectivity as the features used to mislead consumers, noting that some of these a) didn't work as advertised or b) were nowhere to be found.

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TechImperia1333d ago

Some users are about to find some gold in the dust it seems after 2 long years.

Sahil1330d ago

nice to see Vita doing some business after the havoc of PS4 and Xbone.