Microsoft to Pay China $140 Million for “Tax Evasion”

China has levied about $140 million in back taxes from Microsoft in the first major case concerning cross-border tax evasion in the country, as regulators ramp up pressure on U.S. corporations doing business there

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TechImperia1392d ago

Getting off easy I see, they wouldn't mind that.

S2Killinit1392d ago

As if China ever played by the rules. lol the two of them deserve each other.

Devil-X1392d ago

I wonder if there's even a single country in this world which play by the rules? I don't see how China is different?

TechImperia1392d ago

In India Nokia was slaped 3.5k crs Income tax notice

ProjectVulcan1391d ago

This post is censored in China

S2Killinit1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

LMAO probably.
I didn't mean any disrespect to China btw, but their government is not known to play by the rules of international trade. Just thought it was interesting.

hkgamer1392d ago

good to see these big companies having to pay tax or get fined. they use too much bullying tactics to avoid paying.

however they should have been more careful in china, they make up their own rules as they go along.

fatstarr1392d ago

thats chump change... but they shouldn't pay it because... china

Jon615861391d ago

I hope this means they will be bringing back businesses to the US now that they know they can't evade taxes anymore.