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PhoneArena - Samsung Galaxy Note Edge Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a one-of-a-kind, limited-edition device that stands out with a screen that wraps around one of its edges, hence justifying the ‘Edge’ name. We’ve seen curved-screen phones, and other trickery in devices, but it’s the first time that you get such an ‘edge’ that acts as a secondary display that you can control separately from the main screen. You can use it for notifications, quick shortcuts to apps, as well as a quick ticker for information that you care about - stocks, weather, sport scores, and so on.

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Sahil1476d ago

I love the look of the curved screen. I was planning to get this after my N3, but ended up with a Moto X as a stopgap to the N5 or S6. I like the promise this shows and hope to see it more fully formed in the next iteration.