10 reasons to ditch the Apple iPhone for Android

It's a controversial topic, like asking a football fan to change teams. But when you're team has more money than anyone else in the league and it's still not innovating or entertaining, is changing team all that bad?

Apple hasn't really been innovating for quite some time. When was the last time you remember being truly excited about an Apple product? The first iPhone? The first iPad? The first MacBook Air? Perhaps with the Apple Watch creating a new category that will happen again soon. But right now Android is ruling innovation.

Apple's latest iOS 8.1 operating system adds features that Android came up with years ago. While Apple is arguably more stable, hence being slower, it's only just now opening its platform from the walled garden state. And even that's to make money from smarthome partnerships. Android isn't as open source as it used to be but at least it's innovating first.

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Devil-X1330d ago

I don't need 10 reasons to ditch the iPhone for android, more customization alone is a good enough reason for me.