Slow computer? Your troubleshooting is misguided

Even the most savvy DIY computer fixers among us make mistakes when it comes to diagnosing their computer troubles. If you've ever made an incorrect assessment about solutions to your slow computer issues, you're not alone.

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ChrisW1332d ago

Nothing that backing up essentials and reformatting the drive won't take care of...

mcgrottys1332d ago

what? Nowadays most new laptops come with at least 4GB of ram. If your computer is running slowly and you are a light user then 8GB of ram isn't going to do much. And it is usally malware or adware slowing it down.

If you really want to see an improvement replace your HDD with an SSD. You will notice the differences moments after you turn on your computer.

KingPin1332d ago

ever since i switched to linux i dont know what a slow machine is.
dual core, 2GB ram, 320GB hdd still smooth sailing.
not to mention backing up is simple, just copy the home folder to an external drive. DONE!!

Amuro1332d ago

Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP they were always a problem to me. Those OS required too much maintenance to run optimal all the time. But ever since Windows Vista and the inclusion of auto defrag, built-in anti virus, superfetch, etc. very rarely, if ever, I have struggled with a slow PC.

Right now I'm running Windows 8 on a 1GB of ram Netbook with an Atom CPU and it runs fast too. OS these days are very advanced. Those struggling with slow PC's it's mostly because they are running outdated systems.

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