Bill makes DNA and fingerprint profiling mandatory for Russians

We’ve all known that Russia is like a controlling girlfriend. Not to be rude, but the country and its government is increasingly restrictive with its citizens. First, Russian officials said that selfies would be dangerous for children’s health. Then, they drafter a new bill that would require every citizen to register their DNA and fingerprint with authorities so that they can have a complete database of every citizen.

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ChristopherJack1339d ago

The issue isn't with profiling, profiling would be great for detecting criminals, the issue is that the group with the profiles considers themselves the rulers & they decide what a criminal is & no doubt will abuse this information, particularly against protesters & whistle-blowers. Politicians should be treated as servants, they are there to represent the will of the people, not to dictate them.

Sahil1330d ago

Has to be illegal this