Build a $7,000 'sky's the limit' PC

Let's say you threw out the old couch and before taking it to the dump you found $7,000 in loose change inside it, or maybe you've just got the money burning a hole in your pocket and fancy spending it on a PC.

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Devil-X1338d ago

Woah!! Quite a build this.

Software_Lover1336d ago

Seems underwhelming for the price.

ChrisW1336d ago

Wow... You're hard to please... BTW, What were you expecting?

Software_Lover1336d ago

I'm just saying, $7000? I was expecting a server class MB with two Xeons or something.

We all have our different tastes. I would have just spent the money a little differently. That's why some people with money drive Audi and some Drive Benz.

xtremexx1336d ago

wouldnt go for the 2 gtx titans, i would just go for the new 8gb gtx 980s when they come out.